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Sunday, December 15, 2019

On the podcast: holiday gift picks and a conversation with Alice Hoffman

Podcast_Graphic_250x250.jpgIt seems to have come quickly, but the holiday season is upon us.

In our latest podcast, a few of the books editors discussed why books make great gifts. Then we recommended specific books for specific types of people, including some great cookbook suggestions. We even highlighted some books that we would like to receive ourselves (no obligation required from listeners).

After our discussion, Seira Wilson and Alice Hoffman talk about Hoffman's novel The World That We Knew, which we selected as one of our Best Books of 2019. Hoffman is sort of a quiet force of nature, and it was a pleasure to hear her describe, in her own words, a novel that has brought so much pleasure, inspiration, and feeling to others.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Sarah, Seira, Adrian, and Chris discuss Gift Picks + Alice Hoffmnan

  • Why give books as gifts? (0:42)

  • Where to find our gift picks feature. (2:20)

  • What to buy the book lover who has everything. (2:50)

  • Great kids book gift ideas. (4:38)

  • Nerdy book ideas (6:21)

  • Cookbooks that would make great gifts. (8:39)

  • The books that we would like to receive. (13:56)

  • Is it real, or is it from a book? (18:51)

  • Seira Wilson talks to Alice Hoffman. (22:32)

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