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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Views from Dundee Law

The city of Dundee hugs the Firth of Tay just north of the Kingdom of Fife, and by all external accounts and personal experiences it’s experiencing a Renaissance. One of the things I love so much about Edinburgh is its many viewpoints. It really helps to get above a city to lock in on its nature, neighborhoods, vibe, and visage.

This turns out to be a tall order in low-lying Dundee. In fact, the only place from which to glimpse the city on high is directly in the center of town at Dundee Law. Dundee Law is the highest point in Dundee and is the remains of a volcanic sill.

Dundee Law, Dundee, Scotland

Dundee Law, Dundee, Scotland

In the Iron Age, Dundee Law was the site of a Pictish hillfort, and Roman pottery was discovered on its slopes indicating either a Roman presence or trading with Roman Britannia.

Today, the pinnacle of Dundee Law is crowned by a War Memorial commemorating the fallen from both World Wars. A great circle of cement provides walking space for unimpeded views south across the city and Firth of Tay. This immense view is punctuated by the Tay Road Bridge snaking across the firth to Fife. Weather-worn metal placards call out various features on the horizon, but the real beauty is the long- and short-view. Look closely at the rails and you might see remembrance lockets dangling.

Dundee Law, Dundee, Scotland

Dundee Law, Dundee, Scotland

Dundee Law provides one of those classic Scottish views that illustrates the relative compactness of the country. You can literally see other peninsulas and other parts of the map of Scotland from atop the law.

Dundee Law, Dundee, Scotland

Dundee Law, Dundee, Scotland

You can ascend to the top of Dundee Law on foot or via car. You know which one is easier.

It’s difficult to find oneself up here in the strong sun and blowing wind and not take a high view of all things. Watching the clouds move is a reminder that even the biggest things can change. All it takes is a breath, a breeze, a gale. All things start small and gather momentum, and even things that are moving really fast like a jet seem to be inching ahead from a distance.

Perspective is everything. Afford yourself the time and space to experience it.

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